The International Congress Centre

Sławik and Antall Square 1
40-166 Katowice, Poland

The Venue Information::

Międzynarodowe Centrum Kongresowe

The International Congress Center in Katowice (location next to the Spodek Arena) is:

  • A modern facility in the very center of Katowice
  • Over 10,000 square meters of exhibition space
  • Excellent access
  • Parking place
  • Mobile, multi-functional conference rooms
  • Banquet hall, foyer, auditorium
  • Restaurant, cafe
  • Direct access to the Spodek Arena
  • High standard of the facility, the most modern in Poland
  • Modern infrastructure around the facility (viewing and walking terraces)
  • Attractive neighborhood (Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Silesian Museum, BWA Art Gallery)
  • There are 6 hotels in the nearby and such facilities as Katowice Gallery, Silesia City Center, Silesian Theater.