The Culture Zone

The Culture Zone was established on the site of the former The „Katowice” Coal Mine and shows the enormity of changes that have taken place in the city in recent years. Near Spodek, in the place where coal was mined, an impressive International Congress Center with a green valley on the roof was built. Right next to it, the new house of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra with exceptional acoustics, where the world’s best musicians give concerts, and the new Silesian Museum, partly integrated into the post-industrial buildings of the former mine, gathering valuable collections in halls underground.

The International Congress Centre

Międzynarodowe Centrum KongresoweThe International Congress Centre was established in the heart of the Culture Zone, in a new and revitalized space near the iconic Spodek and other unique buildings such as the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Silesian Museum. The architectural design of the International Congress Center won the first award in the international competition for the development of the urban and architectural concept of the facility. The facility is designed for 15,000 participants, and the huge, spacious multi-functional room for any arrangement can accommodate up to 8,000 people.


Spodek is a world-class facility with a rich history of entertainment, sport and exhibition. Completed in 1971, it permanently fits into the landscape of Katowice and is one of the most recognizable icons of architecture in Poland. For over 50 years, Spodek has been the venue for great events, such as concerts of world stars or world sports championships. In recent years, the unique space of Spodek has attracted young people from all over the world to the international Intel Extreme Masters Esports tournament.